BEYOND CLEAN is a three phase process-driven collaborative art project created by artists Aprille Glover and Nadine Terk that explores our relationship to the material world through a multidisciplinary mix of creative writing, visual media, and performance art. How we each clean and maintain our personal and public spaces is the point of contact between our internal desires and their resulting external manifestation.

Through cleaning,  we are forcefully confronted with the meanings we attach to the objects in our lives – the reality of lack and abundance, of pride and shame, of angst and order. Cleaning is one of the most important yet least respected of human activities. In order repair our planet, our toxic cites, our cluttered homes, our bodies and minds, cleaning may be the most important task of our time.

Cleaning can be a dance or slog, meditation or drudgery, ritual or a chore. BEYOND CLEAN invites each of us to rethink what cleaning means and choose…

photos Nadine TERK and Aprille GLOVER