Blois : Savoir Écouter by Aprille Best Glover is an installation/book that explores the boundary between a book and a sculpture. In its large scale and choice of structural materials, the project is closer to an installation piece yet by retaining sequential paging and interior use of paper, it can still be read as a “book”.

Thematically the project is about Blois, as a geographic and cultural whole, but also as a place of sounds. The artist recorded 4:33 minutes of random ambient sound in each quadrant of the piece and which can be heard both on the internet and as part of the physical work.

Not only are the spectators able to manipulate over the work, they are able, with the assistance of the artist or by accessing the online web app, to remove individual volumes for reading and even adding their own sound recordings, photos and sound and impressions of Blois to the work.

  • Date : 2013 - 2018
  • Localisation : Blois, France