This work is about WORK. It is the result of a series of interviews with artists from the Solidarité Maison des Artistes union. Glover asked each person the same questions. This questions have a pertinence outside the cloistered world of art. How would you answer the same questions?

Who are you and where do you live? How does your environment impact your work?
How has your work evolved over time?
What part of your working process most excites you?
What does being an artist signify to you?
What is the place of an artist in society?
How can we connect without losing our independent vision?

  • Date : 2015
  • Location : Espace Bolivar, Paris
  • Material / Technique : Vidéo HD en boucle (25:15 min) avec questionnaire sur papier
  • Participation : 10 artists d’exposition et 57 répondants anonymes